Family First

For nearly a year now, we have hosted many events. We have had the privilege of seeing people gather for Bible studies, Thanksgiving dinners and Mary Kay parties in these four walls. We simply wish to say “Thank you”. Thank you for allowing us to take some small part in your event, because we understand.. read more →

A Proud Chamber Member – A Successful Event

We have been proud members of the Chamber for 50 long years. Word on the street is probably longer. They just started counting 50 years ago and we were members when the tallies began, so to keep things simple we say 50 years. That’s a long time. We’re proud of that. We are also proud.. read more →

Chamber Lunch Bunch

We are so excited to have received such a great response from the announcement and opening of our Life Celebration Center. Owensboro has many great venues to choose from for larger parties and events, but not many which tailor toward the smaller, more intimate of crowds. The LCC does just that. We hope you will.. read more →

Mother’s Day Luncheon

We were honored for the opportunity to serve many mothers in our community Monday, May 5th at our first event in our Life Celebration Center. All the gentlemen of Haley-McGinnis served the ladies lunch to show our gratitude for all they have done. Looking to have your next event somewhere? Think of the Life Celebration.. read more →

Breaking the Common Stereotype

When people step foot on the grounds of a funeral home there are usually somber conversations happening. Perhaps a few laughs are mixed in with the obvious signs of loss, but you expect to witness or even experience those feelings at a place like a funeral home. We’re breaking those stereotypes, however. This is not.. read more →

We have so many choices in life…

We have so many choices in life; to be joyful or not, to worry, how we handle ourselves in any given situation. In a world quick to find a glass half empty, our family chooses to count the many blessings this life and you offer and to celebrate it. We believe in community. We believe.. read more →

Welcome to your Life Celebration Center

cel·e·bra·tion ˌseləˈbrāSHən/ noun the action of marking one’s pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social, activity. “the birth of his son was a cause for celebration” Welcome to your Life Celebration Center, a safe, joyful, hopeful place. Contact us today and allow us the honor of taking part in.. read more →