05 Apr 2014

Breaking the Common Stereotype

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When people step foot on the grounds of a funeral home there are usually somber conversations happening. Perhaps a few laughs are mixed in with the obvious signs of loss, but you expect to witness or even experience those feelings at a place like a funeral home. We’re breaking those stereotypes, however. This is not only grounds where families come to reverently pay their respects. It is now a place of joy and hope with our Life Celebration Center now on the grounds of Haley-McGinnis & Owensboro Funeral Home.

People often ask us, “what is it like working with the dead?” My response is simple. We work with the living more than the dead. This Center confirms my statement even more. We desire to create a community of hope among the community we love to serve both here and at Haley-McGinnis. The Life Celebration Center is our tool for doing that and we are excited to be able to offer it to you.


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